Book Of The Dead - A Photobook

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Book Of The Dead - A Photobook

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This was a book project I worked on over four months; from September 2019 up to the end of January 2020. That time included writing & compiling the book itself, and then printing, binding, assembling & mailing a limited release of twenty-five books. All the physical books are sold and there are no more available. Here is the book's foreword;

This book chronicles over twenty-four years of personal Evil Dead related projects; that is projects where physical items were created and photos taken along the way, along with a catalogue of my personal Evil Dead collection to date.

Detailing over sixty projects; from items made in art class at school in 1995, running over ten years, travelling to The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II filming locations in 2012, making fanfilms, various models and replica items such as the cabin clock, Kandarian Dagger, lantern, and a cabin scale model, as well as authoring various Evil Dead related DVDs, Blu-rays & VHS preservation projects.

This self-published book has been assembled, printed & bound personally, and is limited to a small number of copies. It contains nearly 600 photos over 200 pages. It’s largely presented in chronological order, although as a number of projects overlapped, they’re separated out to keep things simple for the reader.

This is the first edition, completed October 17, 2019. It may be updated and re-published in the future.

The book was written & compiled over the month of September 2019. Having never bound a book before, I learned the basics from a few youtube videos, and once I'd made a couple of prototype/test books, I was able to complete two books a week from then on. Monday evening I would laserprint four sets of book pages (made up of fifty A4 sheets each, or 400 sides of A4, each arranged in to batches of four sheets making sixteen book pages/sides in the finished book). Tuesday I would bind the first book (folding all fifty pages in half, pressing them in the book press for an hour, unfolding them and punching holes through the spine of each batch of four pages, then sewing each batch of pages to the last, to get a bound 'text block', which was then put back into the book press, given two coats of PVA glue down the seam and left to dry. That whole process took around 3-1/2 hours). The Wednesday evening, I glued the black front & back inside covers to the text block, then when dry, I glued a piece of card around the spine for extra strength. The Thursday evening I could take the previous text block out of the press, and start binding the next one over that evening and Friday evening. Not working on it over the weekend, the following Monday I would have two completed text blocks and I'd glue the decorative black ribbon tabs at either end of the spines, and once I had a pile of these built up after a few weeks, six or so, I'd then glue the all the text blocks to each of their hardback covers over one evening. The covers themselves were printed out on sticky-backed canvas textured vinyl which was stuck to front, back & spine pre-cut sections of 3mm smooth fibreboard. This was then glued to the completed text block. As each little batch was done, I'd then mail them out. That's been how my weeks have been since early October, until I finally finished it!

You can read more, and download a PDF version of the book at this link;

You can see some photos of the making process here too.
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