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budget friendly power glove (WIP)

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:10 am
by ashy slashy
a small step by step on my power glove thus far! your gonna need miliput, loctite super glue, a black arm fabric piece (or the actual leather glove), pvc pipe, cam buckle, nut and bolt, a drill, a dremmel, wire housing and decorational knob both from christof engel in the knights of sumeria facebook page, 1 inch black webbing, a piece of flashing, screws, red rocker switch, tiny LED, red and black wires, soldering stuff, a switch, a resistor, a 9 volt battery, silicone caulking, red and hammered effect spray paint, clear coat (all the same brand, rustoleum), black acrylic, a knife, some powerful magnets, a toggle latch, motorcycle chains, zip ties, 8 BICYCLE DERAILLEUR BRAKE CABLE HOUSING BRASS FERRULES CAP 5mm, brake cable outer housing vintage style clear plastic coat campangolo style, a small block of wood, an RC tie rod and lastly a clear USB cord!